Welcome to the X-Men Chronological Roleplay Wiki[edit | edit source]

Although I do not own Marvel, or am affiliated in any way, I've frecently become a big X-Men fan, so I decided tocreate this wiki. The purpose, is to relive famous moments in X History by assuming theroles of the X-Men themselves! Currently, we are in the 1960's phase. I am automatically Professor X, as admin. Have fun!

When you get a character, you are required to create their room. Only five characters at a time. You may NOT request a character before they are available. (Trust me, or Storm and Woilverine would be gone and I would have Nightcrawler). If requested, I can move dates closer. If you gain a character, you gain them for all their incarnations. (i.e. Marvel Girl, Phoenix, etc.) excluding the Phoenix Force, which is available as it was revealed in the comics it was the force, not Grey, that joined the team. Sunfire and Thunderbird do NOT count in your characters, as they leave the team so soon they are merely bonus characters. People whose characters have left the team are first in line for new characters.

Keep in mind, everything may not be exactly like the comics. These are meant to work for the people we have.

Be Sure to check the weekly missions, operating at least one weekend. Check this weeks mission.

Available Characters[edit | edit source]

Cyclops - Hermione

Iceman - Electric Mayhem

Beast -

Angel - New Captain

Marvel Girl- axisella

NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

Mimic -

Havok - Hermione6720

Polaris -

Characters Available Eventually- (April 15, 2012)[edit | edit source]








Characters Available Eventually- (April 16, 2012)[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Force/Dark Phoenix: JackWerewolf-13

Emma Frost: (Although she is a villlain at this time, you may still gain her.)

Kitty Pryde:

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